Back to the Vortex, Deluxe Edition
Back to the Vortex, Deluxe Edition

Back to the Vortex, Deluxe Edition

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LIMITED EDITION: Autographed by Shaun Lyon and Philip David Segal, limited to only 500 copies worldwide.

The adventures in time and space continue, as the Doctor and his faithful companion Rose Tyler travel time and space fighting evil, righting wrongs and saving the course of history. This is the ultimate guide to the newest adventures of the Doctor: an archive of information, review and commentary, from the press to the production to the fans, as the venerable Time Lord returns to television in 2005 in a thirteen-part series set to stun viewers and critics alike.

Back to the Vortex unfolds as history happened, from the announcements to the press releases, casting calls, the highs and lows, and the start of production.

Discover the background to the new series, through the eyes of the press, the commentators and fans; read about the casting of Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor and one-time pop princess Billie Piper as Rose; and be there during the lead-up to the return of the traveling Time Lord to regular prime time television after sixteen years away.

And as the show debuts, investigate the stories themselves, through detailed analysis, facts and figures, as well as extensive reviews and commentary with a panel of fans and aficionados spread across the world.

This is the essential guide to the long awaited and anticipated return of the Doctor... and it's about time!

- This is a brand new book which celebrates the return to BBC1 in Spring/Summer 2005 of television’s most famous time traveller.

- Doctor Who returns to BBC television in March 2005, in a new 13 part series produced by Russell T Davis (Queer as Folk) and written by Davis, Stephen Moffatt (Coupling), Mark Gatiss (The League of Gentlemen), Paul Cornell (Wavelength) and Robert Shearman.

- The book features a foreword by Philip David Segal, producer of the 1996 Doctor Who television movie starring Paul McGann as the Doctor with Eric Roberts as the Master.

- The book includes review panel comments comprising views and opinion from across the globe: Sarah Hadley (USA), Keith Topping (UK), Graeme Burk (Canada), Jon Preddle (New Zealand), Paul Hayes (UK), Robert Franks (USA), Cameron Mason (Australia), Scott Alan Woodard (USA) and Simon Catlow (UK).

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