Blake's 7: Avalon, Volume 2
Blake's 7: Avalon, Volume 2

Blake's 7: Avalon, Volume 2

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Throughout the galaxy, brave people fight for freedom, without the benefit of miraculous alien technology. Avalon has only her wits and her contacts to rely on – but her name will become legend, all the same.

2.1 Bayban’s Bounty by Niel Bushnell

A sacred stone might inspire revolution on a recently subjugated planet – if Avalon can only retrieve it from a high-security prison. She enlists the help of the Vankberg Vault’s only escapee, the madman at the top of the Federation’s Most Wanted list…

2.2 Mercenary by Christopher Cooper

Funding a crusade isn’t easy, and one of Avalon’s debts has just come due. She and Madison undertake a dubious mission, in the company of an even more dubious gun-for-hire, a man who has betrayed them once before…

2.3 Heart of Ice by Steve Lyons

What is the Federation President doing on a frozen backwater world? Avalon is determined to uncover the secret buried in Cryonax’s mines. By the time she realises that Travis is setting a trap, it might just be too late…

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