Blake's 7: Restoration, Part 2
Blake's 7: Restoration, Part 2

Blake's 7: Restoration, Part 2

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Four more brand-new full-cast Blake's 7 adventures set during the TV series' third season, following directly on from events in Restoration Part 1

5.5 The New Age by Mark Wright

The dying Liberator arrives in orbit of Eloran, a world Avon believes could offer respite from their current trials. All that stands in the way is a primitive society, a charismatic leader and the fracture lines threatening to destroy the crew from within.

5.6 Happy Ever After by Steve Lyons

The people of Zareen have seen the future. Their queen will be married to a handsome stranger, and they will enjoy a blissful life together. So, how can Tarrant possibly refuse...?

5.7 Siren by Sophia McDougall

In the wreckage of a ruined world, Dayna and Cally encounter Mida and Veskar, who must escape the attention of those who once ruled them. Although defeated, the System still seeks to take control.

5.8 Hyperion by Trevor Baxendale

Avon must convince the mysterious Selene to reveal the secret of Hyperion and save the Liberator – but the Federation is closing in on the crew, and what Selene knows could change everything...

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