Blake's 7: The Clone Masters
Blake's 7: The Clone Masters

Blake's 7: The Clone Masters

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The dark history of the Clone Masters holds many mysteries. Cally and Jenna discover some are lost in time, long before the Federation - while other secrets were buried by the Clone Masters themselves before they retreated to their home world.

Gatekeepers or conspirators, pragmatists or prophets, defenders or destroyers... At the height of their powers, how will the Clone Masters respond when Travis plans to weaponise them?

1. Separation

An untrustworthy old colleague tempts Jenna away from the Liberator to a secluded forest world, pursuing a mystery that involves Cally’s family. Will Jenna and Cally realise the true danger they face from the Clone Masters before night draws in?

2. The Rule of Life

When Space Commander Travis makes fresh demands of the Clone Masters, he is surprised by two familiar figures. One is an Auron outcast. The other is the man he once was – and could be again.

3. The Conclave

The Queen of the Clone Masters is dead, and the search for her successor draws guests from across the galaxy. Looking for something else on their visit are Cally and Travis. Between them, they could unwittingly tear down the Clone Masters’ world forever.

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