Blu-ray: Doctor Who Tom Baker, Season 7
Blu-ray: Doctor Who Tom Baker, Season 7

Blu-ray: Doctor Who Tom Baker, Season 7

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Re-discover seven classic adventures from Tom Baker's final year as the much-loved Fourth Doctor. 

In these episodes, the Doctor and his companions encounter the Foamasi, Meglos, the Marshmen, vampires and Tharils, building to a final deadly showdown between the Doctor and his arch nemesis, the Master. 

The Stories:
The Leisure Hive
Full Circle
State of Decay
Warriors' Gate
The Keeper of Traken

PLUS: K-9 and Company, the one-off story featuring K-9 and Sarah Jane Smith, newly restored.

Each episode has been brilliantly restored for Blu-ray and comes with in-depth special features, both old and new. 

Bonus Features:
A new Making-Of documentary and updated special effects for Logopolis 
Revealing new 2019 commentaries moderated by Matthew Sweet (Tom Baker on The Leisure Hive, Lalla Ward & Rachel Davies on State Of Decay) 
New surround sound mix for Warriors Gate 
Rare behind-the-scenes footage from The Leisure Hive, Full Circle and Logopolis 
Eight more editions of Behind The Sofa 
Brand new documentaries 
The Writers Room
Weekend With Waterhouse 
A new interview with K9 & Company's Ian Sears 
Another dip into the Panopticon convention archives with Tom Baker 
HD photo galleries plus scripts, production files and rare documentation provided as PDFs 
Existing Extras Hours of extensive special features previously released on DVD

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