Carey Blyton: In Camera (CD)
Carey Blyton: In Camera (CD)

Carey Blyton: In Camera (CD)

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Featuring music arranged by Carey Blyton. Track Listings Doctor Who: The Silurian Suite: 1 In the Caves - Jennifer Partridge/Angela Whelan 2 A Close Encounter - Jennifer Partridge/Angela Whelan 3 March: The Brigadier - Jennifer Partridge/Angela Whelan Doctor Who: Vogon Suite 4 Deep Space - Jennifer Partridge 5 Vogan March - Jennifer Partridge 6 All's Well...That Ends Well! - Jennifer Partridge Doctor Who: The Dalek Suite 7 A Desolate Landscape - Phoenix Saxophone Quartet 8 Chants and Variants - Phoenix Saxophone Quartet 9 Dalek March and Retreat (All from Dr Who Music) - Phoenix Saxophone Quartet In Memoriam Django Reinhardt 10 Prelude - the Hand/Dupre Guitar Duo 11 Elegy - the Hand/Dupre Guitar Duo 12 Django Reinhardt S Stomp (All from in Memoriam Django Reinhardt) - the Hand/Dupre Guitar Duo The War Song of the Saracens 13 The War Song of the Saracens - Jennifer Partridge Prayers from the Ark 14 The Prayer of the Cock - Jennifer Partridge/Beryl Korman 15 The Prayer of the Goldfish - Jennifer Partridge/Beryl Korman 16 The Prayer of the Cat - Jennifer Partridge/Beryl Korman 17 The Prayer of the Tortoise - Jennifer Partridge/Beryl Korman 18 The Prayer of the Mouse - Jennifer Partridge/Beryl Korman 19 The Prayer of the Ox - Jennifer Partridge/Beryl Korman 20 The Prayer of the Lark (All from Prayers from the Ark) - Jennifer Partridge/Beryl Korman Two Pensive Songs 21 Two Stolen Roses - Ian & Jennifer Partridge 22 Come, Night (Two Pensive Songs) - Ian & Jennifer Partridge The Pasticheries 23 The Return of Bulgy Gogo - the Cann Piano Duo 24 The Velvet Gentleman - the Cann Piano Duo 25 Up the Faringdon Road! (Pasticheries) - the Cann Piano Duo Saxe Blue 26 Saxe Blue Op.65 - Jennifer Partridge/Dai Pritchard Lachrymae - In Memoriam John Download 27 Prelude - Ian Partridge/The Britten Sinfonia 28 Song (1): Madrigal - Ian Partridge/The Britten Sinfonia 29 Interlude I - Ian Partridge/The Britten Sinfonia 30 Song (2): The Moon - Ian Partridge/The Britten Sinfonia 31 Interlude II - Ian Partridge/The Britten Sinfonia 32 Song (3): The Open Door - Ian Partridge/The Britten Sinfonia 33 Interlude III - Ian Partridge/The Britten Sinfonia 34 Song (4): The Sick Rose - Ian Partridge/The Britten Sinfonia 35 Inrerlude IV - Ian Partridge/The Britten Sinfonia 36 Song (5): Sonnet - Ian Partridge/The Britten Sinfonia 37 Postlude (from Lachrymae in Memorial John Dowland) - Ian Partridge/The Britten Sinfonia Blue Christmas 38 Blue Christmas - Soo-Bee-Lee/Raphael Terroni

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