DVD 010: The Dalek Invasion of Earth
DVD 010: The Dalek Invasion of Earth

DVD 010: The Dalek Invasion of Earth

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Radiation nil, oxygen normal, pressure normal, yet London is deserted, with no sign of life and no sense of normality. Exploring the decaying city sometime after 2164AD, the Doctor and his companions soon learn that it is not as empty as it seems. The Daleks - far from having been destroyed on Skaro - have conquered the world. Nearly wiped out by storm and plague, the Earth's population has been commandeered by the Daleks into huge mining operations. Some humans have suffered the further indignity of being transformed into Robomen to serve the Daleks in their diabolical plans. Humanity's only hope for survival lies with a small band of resistance fighters who need all the help they can get.

DVD Special Features
Existing BBC recordings have been remastered; new optional CGI shots for optional playback (an alternative to several notoriously bad special effects shots); a commentary track with Carole Ann Ford (Susan), William Russell (Ian), Verity Lambert OBE (Producer) and Richard Martin (Director); includes a featurette on the new CGI effects; a featurette on the Dalek voices and the actors who provided them; "Now and Then" featurette on the locations used for filming; "Future Memories" featurette with some of the actors from the show; studio floorplans; "Blue Peter" special on making "Dalek Cakes"; a rehearsal film shot by Carol Ann Ford back in 1964, BBC trailers; pop-up production notes, photo gallery and more.

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