DVD 048: The Seeds of Death (Special Edition)
DVD 048: The Seeds of Death (Special Edition)

DVD 048: The Seeds of Death (Special Edition)

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Digitally re-mastered Doctor Who classic The Seeds of Death Special Edition. By the late 21st century, mankind has become totally dependent on T-Mat to transport people, food and medicines around the world. When the system breaks down, Earth is soon crippled by global shortages. Traveling to the relay station on the Moon, the Doctor and his companions discover the horrific truth: the Ice Warriors have hijacked T-Mat, and intend to claim the planet for themselves.

Can the Doctor defeat the Martians before Earth is smothered in deadly fungus, and the human race is condemned to extinction?

Special Features:
Disc 1
6 x 25 min monochrome episodes with mono audio.
Commentary with cast and crew
Program Subtitles and Subtitle Production Notes

Disc 2
Lords of the Red Planet- Documentary with cast and crew
Monster Masterclass - director Michael Ferguson talks about his experiences directing some of Doctor Who's most famous monster stories.
Monsters Who Came Back For More!- Nick 'Voice of the Daleks' Briggs and Doctor Who Magazine's assistant editor Peter Ware take a look at the reasons why monsters often return for further adventures.
Sssowing the Ssseedsss Documentary
Photo Gallery
TARDIS Cam no.6
Easter Egg

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