DVD 062: The Sea Devils
DVD 062: The Sea Devils

DVD 062: The Sea Devils

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The Sea Devils
Arrested after the events at Devils End, the Master has been incarcerated at a top security prison on a remote island off the south coast of England. When the Doctor and Jo Grant pay a visit to their old enemy, they find him a reformed character. But can the spate of mysterious shipping accidents and garbled reports of sea monsters in the local area really be a coincidence? The Doctor soon finds himself pitted against the Sea Devils, an ancient race of reptile intent on eliminating humankind and reclaiming the Earth for themselves.

Bonus Features
Commentary with director Michael Briant, producer Barry Letts and script editor Terrance Dicks, moderated by late-eighties script editor Andrew Cartmel.

Hello Sailor! (dur.36' 37") - the trials and tribulations faced during the making of this classic Doctor Who adventure are discussed by members of the cast and production team in this highly entertaining featurette from George Williams. Featuring producer Barry Letts, script editor Terrance Dicks, director Michael Briant, actors Katy Manning and Donald Sumpter and stuntman Stuart Fell, along with Royal Navy personnel who appeared as extras during location filming. Narrated by David Cann.

8mm Film (dur. 3' 51") - an amateur cine film shot during location filming at the Royal Naval base by one of the sailors who appeared as an extra. With a commentary from director Michael Briant, producer Barry Letts and script editor Terrance Dicks.

Trails and Continuity (dur. 6' 18") - BBC1 trails and continuity recreated from off-air audio recordings made during the story's original transmission in 1972.

Photo Gallery (dur. 8' 38") - production and publicity photos from the story.

Isolated Music - isolated synchronous music from the story.

Coming Soon (dur. 1' 03") - trail for a forthcoming release.

PDF Material - Radio Times billings for the story's original transmission, plus the Piccolo book 'The Making of Doctor Who'.

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