DVD 070: The Time Warrior
DVD 070: The Time Warrior

DVD 070: The Time Warrior

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A terrifying clash between the past and future threatens the entire human race and plunges the Doctor and Sarah into a chilling race against time. When top scientists begin to mysteriously vanish, Doctor Who finds himself headed back in time to the middle ages and not-so-merry England. Linx, a war-loving Sontaren fleet commander, has crash-landed near a medieval castle and is supplying the feuding Irongron with advanced weapons that could totally change the course of human evolution. He is also using the kidnapped scientists to repair his ship. Linx is determined to return to his squadron - and nothing will stop him. As Irongron gets ready for battle, the Doctor makes his move. Can he save the doomed scientists, outwit Irongron and stop Linx from completing his catastrophic plan? The future of mankind is in his hands...

Extras include:

Commentary with actress Elisabeth Sladen, producer Barry Letts and script editor Terrance Dicks

Beginning the End (dur. 30' 13"): cast and crew talk about the making of this story, partially shot on location at Peckforton Castle. With actors Elisabeth Sladen, Donald Pelmear and Jeremy Bulloch, producer Barry Letts, script editor Terrance Dicks and designer Keith Cheetham. Narrated by Simon Ockenden.

Trails and Continuity (dur. 1' 08"): BBC1 trails and continuity, recreated from off-air home audio recordings.

Optional CGI Effects: view the story with new video effects.

1974 Doctor Who Annual: in Adobe pdf format for viewing on PC or Mac.

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