DVD 081: Planet of Evil
DVD 081: Planet of Evil

DVD 081: Planet of Evil

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When a distress call draws the Doctor and Sarah Jane to a scientific outpost at the end of the Universe, the Doctor suspects dark planetary forces are behind a series of sinister deaths.

The extras package consists of:

Commentary - with actors Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen and Prentis Hancock, producer Philip Hinchcliffe.
Ed Stradling looks at the making of this story in A Darker Side (dur. 25' 50"). With producer Philip Hinchcliffe, writer Louis Marks, designer Roger Murray-Leach, director David Maloney, actors Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen and Prentis Hancock. Partially shot on location at BBC Written Archives Centre and Ealing Studios.
Steve Broster's Planetary Performance (dur. 13' 30") looks at the production of the story from an actor's perspective. With actors Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Prentis Hancock, Tony McEwan and Graham Weston.
Studio Scene (dur. 0' 48") - the only surviving behind-the-scenes footage from the story.
Continuities (dur. 1' 50") - continuity announcements and repeat trailer.
Photo Gallery (dur. 7' 04") - production, design and publicity photos from the story.
'Coming Soon' (dur. 1' 02") - a trailer for a forthcoming DVD release.
Radio Times Listings in Adobe PDF format for viewing on PC or Mac. Programme subtitles and Subtitle Production Notes.

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