DVD 087: The Hand of Fear
DVD 087: The Hand of Fear

DVD 087: The Hand of Fear

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After a freak accident in the inevitable quarry, Sarah Jane emerges clutching a stone hand which holds a strange power over her.

Features audio commentary by Baker, Sladen, co-star Judith Paris (who plays the reconfigured Eldrad in an early female form), co-author Bob Baker, and producer Phillip Hinchcliffe; 50-minute featurette titled "Changing Time," which illuminates the warm working relationship between Baker and Sladen, as well as her reasons for departing the series. An 11-minute videotape clip from the U.K. children's show Swap Shop featuring Baker and Sladen before the broadcast of The Hand of Fear is also included, as well as photo gallery, text-only commentary, and PDF of the 1977 Doctor Who Annual and Radio Times.

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