DVD 096: Underworld
DVD 096: Underworld

DVD 096: Underworld

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Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Time Lords of Gallifrey began exploring space and time with their new TARDIS technology. The first alien race they encountered were the Minyans, who treated the Time Lords as gods. In return, the Time Lords gave medical and scientific aid. As the Minyans became more advanced, they renounced their former gods. The war that followed destroyed the planet Minyos and set the Time Lords on the path of non-interference with the affairs of the universe. Before Minyos was totally destroyed, a single ship - the P7E - escaped. It carried the future of the Minyan species, locked into its onboard race banks. But the P7E disappeared into deep space centuries ago. Now the last of theMinyans have embarked on a quest to recover their lost race banks. Their quest is destined to bring the Minyans once again into contact with the Time Lords - one Time Lord in particular.

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