DVD 106: The Creature from the Pit
DVD 106: The Creature from the Pit

DVD 106: The Creature from the Pit

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On the planet Chloris, metal is scarce, and without metal for tools, it is impossible to keep the planet's fecund jungle under control. When the TARDIS is forced to make an emergency landing on Chloris, the Doctor is captured by the power-hungry Lady Adrasta, who controls the very last metal mine on the planet, holding onto power through her Huntsmen and Wolfweeds. Romana is taken prisoner by rebel bandits, looking for some way of getting their hands on Adrasta's wealth. If K9 had feelings, he would have much to fear. Made of metal, he is a valuable commodity indeed. As if the situation were not bad enough, something is lurking in the pit of the last mine.

Commentary by Lalla Ward (Romana), Myra Frances (Lady Adrasta), Director Christopher Barry and Visual Effects Designer Mat Irvine
Christopher Barry: Director Veteran Doctor Who director Christopher Barry, on location in the Wiltshire village of Aldbourne, talks about his career
Team Erato The BBC Visual Effects crew talk about the problems they faced building and operating Erato, with Mat Irvine, Steve Bowman, Steve Lucas and Morag McLean
Animal Magic The Fourth Doctor tells viewers about the creatures he has met on his travels
Radio Times Billings (PDF DVD-ROM – PC/Mac)
Production Information Subtitles
Photo Gallery
Extended Scene
Coming Soon Trailer
Digitally remastered picture and sound quality

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