DVD 109: Shada
DVD 109: Shada

DVD 109: Shada

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Part Number: DVD109
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Recording of this 6 part adventure in 1979 was sadly never completed, but with the aid of Tom Baker, all available filmed and recorded sequences are linked by his brilliant narration allowing Shada to be unveiled...

When one of the Artefacts of Gallifrey - a dangerous book dating back to the time of the all-powerful Rassilon - goes missing from his study, Cambridge professor and retired Time Lord Dr. Chronotis calls in the aid of the Doctor and Romana. The Doctor is very worried. Who knows what powers could be unleashed if the book falls into the wrong hands? Then the mysterious Skagra arrives, armed with a thought-draining sphere and a scheme for one universal mind. But first he must get hold of the book...

Bonus Features:
Shada - Flash version (2003 animated webcast starring Paul McGann)
Taken Out of Time
Now and Then
Strike! Strike! Strike!
Being a Girl - Women in Doctor Who
Remembering Nicholas Courtney
Doctor Who Stories - Peter Purves
The Lambert Tapes - Part 1 (about founding producer Verity Lambert)
Those Deadly Divas
Plus Photo Galleries, Radio Times Listings and Production Note Subtitles

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