DVD 140: Mark of the Rani
DVD 140: Mark of the Rani

DVD 140: Mark of the Rani

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The Doctor, the Master and another renegade Time Lord converge in 19th century England at the height of the Luddite rebellion.

Chief among the wealth of extras on the Mark of the Rani DVD is a commentary track featuring a typically charming Baker and Bryant, who are joined by O'Mara. "Lords and Luddites" is a 43-minute featurette about the serial's conception and production (narrated by UK television personality Louise Brady) full of interviews with the cast and crew, including the Bakers and composer Jonathan Gibbs (who is also profiled in a short interview piece), who replaced John Lewis, who died during production (both composers' soundtracks are offered in isolated music tracks). Includes deleted and extended scenes, a return to the production locations, related clips from the children's TV programs Blue Peter and Saturday Superstore, and photo gallery, text-only information track, and PDF files for the Doctor Who Annual and Radio Times listings.

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