DVD 156: Battlefield
DVD 156: Battlefield

DVD 156: Battlefield

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The Doctor and Ace join forces with UNIT and his old friend the Brigadier against Morgaine (Jean Marsh) and Mordred, Arthurian villains who recognize the Doctor as Merlin.

For the story's DVD debut, Disc One features the story-as-transmitted and a movie-format extended edit with revised video effects and 5.1 audio on a second disc.

Special Features
• Commentary with actors Sophie Aldred, Nicholas Courtney and Angela Bruce, writer Ben Aaronovitch and script editor Andrew Cartmel.
• Storm Over Avallion (dur. 22' 30") - cast and crew talk about the making of 'Battlefield'. With Actors Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, Nicholas Courtney, Jean Marsh, Angela Bruce and Marcus Gilbert, director Michael Kerrigan, writer Ben Aaronovitch and script editor Andrew Cartmel.
• Past and Future King (dur. 12' 00") - Ben Aaronovitch and Andrew Cartmel look back at how the story was commissioned and written, with additional comments from Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, Nicholas Courtney, Angela Bruce and Michael Kerrigan.
• Watertank (dur. 6' 36") - illustrated with behind the scenes footage of the actual event, Sophie Aldred and members of the cast and crew recall the on-set accident that happened during the making of 'Battlefield', when a glass water tank shattered with Sophie still inside it. With Sophie Aldred, Sylvester McCoy, Michael Kerrigan and Andrew Cartmel.
• Studio Recording (dur. 18' 56" ) - behind the scenes on the studio recording of Battlefield, taken from a VHS tape made from the live studio output.
• From Kingdom to Queen (dur. 8' 06") - actress Jean Marsh looks back on her three appearances in Doctor Who.
• Trails and Continuity (dur. 5' 10") - BBC1 trails and continuity announcements from the original and repeat transmissions.
• Photo Gallery (dur. 7' 00") - production and publicity photos from the story.
• Isolated Score - option to watch the story with the isolated music score.
• Season 26 Trailer (dur. 1' 30") - producer John Nathan-Turner's specially commissioned teaser trailer for the press launch of the original run's last season.

Also Includes Coming Soon and Also Available trailers, Radio Times Billings PDF, Program subtitles and Subtitle Production Notes.

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