DWM: The 2018 Yearbook
DWM: The 2018 Yearbook

DWM: The 2018 Yearbook

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At the end of 2017 a remarkable chapter in the history of Doctor Who draw to a close. Two incarnations of the Time Lord overcame an existential threat… before the arrival of the Thirteenth Doctor heralded a bold new era for the programme.

The latest Special Edition of Doctor Who Magazine is a unique celebration of the Twelfth Doctor’s final adventures, from The Return of Doctor Mysterio through to Twice Upon a Time. Packed full of all-new features and previously unseen images, this is the essential guide to the year in Doctor Who.

Highlights include exclusive new interviews with:

  • Joe Browning, Jimmy Mann, Gary Pollard and Kate Walshe (Millennium FX)
  • Ysanne Churchman (the voice of Alpha Centauri in Empress of Mars)
  • Matthew Clark (graphic designer, 2017 series)
  • Rachel Denning (Erica in The Pyramid at the End of the World)
  • Mark Gatiss (Captain Lethbridge-Stewart in Twice Upon a Time)
  • Stephanie Hyam (Heather in The Pilot and The Doctor Falls)
  • Adele Lynch (Iraxxa in Empress of Mars)
  • Rove McManus (host of Australian show Whovians)
  • Rachel Talalay (director of three episodes in the 2017 series)
  • Alexandra Tynan (designer of the original Cybermen)

Editor Marcus Hearn says: “The latest Yearbook is out a little later than usual, because we wanted to complete our coverage of the Twelfth Doctor’s stories by including Twice Upon a Time. This issue covers more episodes than any previous Yearbooks, but there are many other fantastic articles in there too. We hope this is a great souvenir of an incredible era.”

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