DWM: The World of Doctor Who
DWM: The World of Doctor Who

DWM: The World of Doctor Who

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The World of Doctor Who provides a unique insight into the evolution of a fandom which has existed for as long as Doctor Who itself. With the show’s growth over the decades creating new fans in territories as far-flung as the United States, China and New Zealand, the magazine examines just how the Doctor Who fandom has become a global phenomenon.

Highlights in this Special Edition include ‘Days With The Doctor’, a beginner’s guide to conventions, as well as ‘Club Class’, a look at the origins of Doctor Who fandom with remembrances from those who were there when it all began. The publication also includes ‘Web of Time’, a feature on how the fan base has established itself online, complete with a contribution from Blogtor Who’s very own Editor Susan Hewitt!

The front cover features one of the show’s most high-profile fans in Tenth Doctor actor David Tennant, holding a copy of the first ever edition of Doctor Who Magazine – or Doctor Who Weekly as it was back in 1979. An avid follower of the show from a young age, Tennant fulfilled a childhood dream by stepping into the Doctor’s shoes in 2005 and credits Doctor Who as his inspiration for pursuing an acting career.

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