Dark Shadows: 19. The Poisoned Soul
Dark Shadows: 19. The Poisoned Soul

Dark Shadows: 19. The Poisoned Soul

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Nancy Barrett (Charity Trask), Roy Thinnes (Patrick Llewellyn)

"When the music begins, I'll give you some spins..."

Evil haunts a school near Collinwood. A strange creature is attacking young girls, and the headmistress of Worthington Hall is forced to barricade her school against it.

But Miss Charity Trask has problems of her own. She fears she's not in her right mind. She's seeing ghostly visions, and soon a strange spirit possesses her. Should she go against her every instinct and trust the voice in her head? Especially when it tells her that the Poisoned Soul is a lot closer than she realises....

(Duration: 60' approx)

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