Dark Shadows: 24. Dress Me in Dark Dreams
Dark Shadows: 24. Dress Me in Dark Dreams

Dark Shadows: 24. Dress Me in Dark Dreams

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Terry Crawford (Edith Collins), Amber Benson (Judith Collins), James Unsworth (Redmond Van Buren), Paris Campbell, David Johnson, Adenya Knight, Michael Salami (Ballroom Ghosts)

"Now touch the mirror, and I will take hold of you."

Collinwood in the nineteenth century is a lonely place. While her brothers experience the world, the young Judith Collins must stay and tend to her grandmother, Edith.

Judith, though, has secret dreams of romance. She sees herself dancing in a beautiful dress with a dashing stranger. But the man of her dreams is becoming steadily more real.

Soon Judith must fight for the man she loves. But should she, instead, have heeded the warning words of her bitter grandmother?

(Duration: 60' approx)

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