Dark Shadows: 29. The Last Stop
Dark Shadows: 29. The Last Stop

Dark Shadows: 29. The Last Stop

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"Every man's a gambling man, don't you think?"

Tony Peterson is a lucky man. He's just caught the last train back to Collinsport. It's been a good day - he's renewed an old friendship and been offered a job he cannot refuse. His life is about to change.

Only, Tony Peterson's luck has run out. The last train home will turn out to be a very long journey. Will Tony be able to trust the only other survivor? And what decision will Tony make when he's presented with another offer he cannot refuse?

Written By: David Llewellyn
Directed By: Darren Gross

Jerry Lacy (Tony Peterson), W Morgan Sheppard (Lou), Lara Parker (Cassandra), Andrew Collins (Conductor) with Brigid Lohrey and James Unsworth

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