Dark Shadows: 33. The Phantom Bride
Dark Shadows: 33. The Phantom Bride

Dark Shadows: 33. The Phantom Bride

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"I'm Tony Peterson and this is my wife, Cassandra."

A liner sailing across the ocean to London. Happy couples enjoying a relaxing few days of fine food, fine wine and the fresh sea air.

Until they start dying. Because also on board is a ghost seeking vengeance. A ghost of a woman who died in 1929.

Private detective Tony Peterson and the witch Cassandra find themselves embroiled in yet another mystery. Can they solve the dead bride's murder before they, themselves, become her latest victims?

Written By: Mark Thomas Passmore
Directed By: Darren Gross, David Darlington

Jerry Lacy (Tony Peterson), Lara Parker (Cassandra), Jack Chapman (Billy Reid), Craig Daniel Adams (Captain James MacDonald), Brigid Lohrey (Lois Tulley), Christopher Ragland (Henry Mayfield), Evelyn Adams (Leona Covington), Simon Kent (Roy Fraser), Barra Collins (Harry Duckworth), Stephen Kelly (Tom Lacey), Asta Parry (Kate Ripperton)

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