Dark Shadows: 40. The Harvest of Souls
Dark Shadows: 40. The Harvest of Souls

Dark Shadows: 40. The Harvest of Souls

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"My name is Maggie Evans, and this is the end of my story."

Collinsport is over. And, after recent events, Maggie Evans just doesn't care any more.
She grew up here, she fell in love here, she grieved here. But no more. Maggie wants out.

But there's a problem as this town won't let her go. Collinsport has unfinished business with Maggie.

Maggie finds herself trapped in the empty streets, pursued by an old friend who wants only one thing. To make her happy.

But Maggie Evans doesn't believe in happy endings any more.

Directed By: David Darlington and Darren Gross

Kathryn Leigh Scott (Maggie Evans), Jonathon Marx (Sheriff Jim Hardy), Colin Baker (Gerald Conway), Ryan Wichert (Leviathan Voices), Barra Collins (James Moore), James Lawrence (Doctor James Balthazar)

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