Dark Shadows: 50. And Red All Over
Dark Shadows: 50. And Red All Over

Dark Shadows: 50. And Red All Over

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"We collect on our debts, but when the debt is uncollectable, we cut our losses. You have until sunset."

Newlywed Maggie Haskell has started a life away from Collinsport with her husband Joe. But before their honeymoon can start, Maggie finds herself trapped in a cabin in the woods with a strange man. A strange man with a familiar face.

With time running out, Maggie has to buy her freedom. But her captors will only accept one thing.

Who are the faceless men holding her captive and what do they want? Where is Joe Haskell? And who is the man with the face of Burke Devlin?

Written By: Cody Schell
Directed By: David Darlington and Jim Pierson

Kathryn Leigh Scott (Maggie Haskell), Mitchell Ryan (Burke Devlin), Michael Shon (Danny Northover), John Askew (The Ink)

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