Dark Shadows: The Tony and Cassandra Mysteries, Series 1
Dark Shadows: The Tony and Cassandra Mysteries, Series 1

Dark Shadows: The Tony and Cassandra Mysteries, Series 1

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She’s a witch. He’s a private detective. And when they get together, it’s magic…

The Mystery at Crucifix Heights by Philip Meeks

“We need someone who doesn’t, shall we say, 'scare' easily.”

When private investigator Tony Peterson goes undercover to Chicago with his no-nonsense secretary Rita Channing, he has no idea the formidable witch Cassandra Collins is about to make a suitably dramatic entrance back into his life.

At a rambling mansion called Crucifix Heights and cut off by a ferocious snowstorm Tony and Cassandra have been hired by separate clients to attend an auction of deadly arcane objects and artefacts.

The pair at first struggle to reconcile their differences but then people around them start dying horribly, one by one. They have to try to work together, because the killer at large is ingenious and seemingly unstoppable. Everyone stranded at Crucifix Heights is in peril. Including themselves.

The Mystery of La Danse Macabre by Zara Symes

“I don’t take kindly to almost being killed. One attempt, maybe two; well, fair’s fair. But I won’t stand for three.”

Tony and Cassandra knew when they took their first case together that there would be a few bumps in the road but when the supernatural detective duo arrive at Busby Hall in downtown Boston, a dilapidated music hall that's rumoured to be haunted, they'll find that there's more danger afoot than just things that go bump in the night.

Battling against curses, bargains with the dark side, and more than one attempt on their lives, will Tony and Cassandra be able to overcome their differences and work as a team? Or will this be their last waltz?

The Mystery of Flight 493 by Alan Flanagan

“Nobody move! There's a man standing in the doorway of the cockpit…"

When Tony and Cassandra board a flight bound for home they think that their latest case is behind them, until a terrifying creature begins to murder their fellow passengers. Something is hunting the people on Flight 493, and Tony and Cassandra must deduce what connects it with a story about a little boy who's terrified of what might be under his bed… before it's all far too late...

The Mystery of Karmina Sonata by Aaron Lamont

"So just for clarity’s sake. You think you’ve accidentally unleashed a demon from the Spirit World during a bogus seance which is... potentially... killing your wealthy clients. And you want us to stop it before it gets to you. Have I missed anything...?"

When Karmina Sonata arrives in their office, Tony and Cassandra think it’s just another case. A séance gone wrong, a few violent deaths... Par for the course, if you specialize in the unusual. But what if this is not just another case? What if something else is going on? And what if, just if, their sins are about to find them out? Because for Tony and Cassandra, things will never be the same again...

Producers Joseph Lidster & David Darlington
Script Editor Alan Flanagan
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

Written By: Philip Meeks, Zara Symes, Alan Flanagan, Aaron Lamont
Directed By: David Darlington, Darren Gross, Joseph Lidster


Jerry Lacy (Tony Peterson), Lara Parker (Cassandra Collins), Julia Duffy (Rita Channing), Sydney Aldridge (Mona Lockhart/ Katerina Lienkov/ Alice McGill/ Sadie Mulholland), Anna-Maria Everett (Sister Layla Kincaid/ Peggy Duntroon/ Veronica Phelps/ Karmina Sonata), Brendan O’Rourke (Vincent Danville/ Max Ellison/ Alfonso Grosso), Greg Patmore (Professor Larry Dennis/ Russ Duntroon/ Danny Lloyd)

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