Doctor Who: 035. ...ish
Doctor Who: 035. ...ish

Doctor Who: 035. ...ish

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characters n. pl. the dramatis personae of a story, e.g. the cast of a performed script, often listed before the text.

The Doctor pr. n. Wanderer in time and space. "Mastery of English? I'd naturally reverse the roles. It's English that has mastered me. What a remarkable, versatile language."

Peri pr. n. U.S. (contraction of Perpugilliam Brown) College student companion of the Doctor (q.v.). "I'd tag along... if I felt like yet another run through The Story of English."

Book pr. n. A projected artificial intelligence or 'hologlyph', the organising principle of the Lexicon. "I'm a walking dictionary."

Osefa (de Palabra Hftzbrn, Ph.D.) pr. n. Professor of Lexicography, research supervisor to Book (q.v.) and head of the Lexicon project; a distinguished academic in her middle years. "She always was a perfectionist."

Bob Cawdrey, the Symposiarch pr. n. Wealthy patron of learning, the underwriter of the work of Osefa (q.v.) and Book (q.v.), and convenor of the conference to present the Lexicon. "Words are my entire working life. I trade in them, they made my fortune. And never, not once, did one leap off a page and hijack my brain."

Warren pr. n. A young man who comes into opposition with the work of Book (q.v.), Osefa (q.v.) and Cawdrey (q.v.). "I'm a logophile. From lógos and philía?"

Extras n. pl. Incidental characters. See also: Attendees, Delegates, Academics, et al.

...ish suffix? Enclitic word (?) of unknown origins, as playing with the voices of its victim(s) or hosts; sentient (?) auto-memetic (?) fragment (?) of the Omniverbum (q.v.?). See also ...ish ?? ...ish? ...ish?

Extracts from Book's Lexicon, chief editor Professor Hftzbrn, unpublished.

This story takes place between Revelation of the Daleks and The Trial of a Time Lord.

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