Doctor Who: 073. Thicker than Water
Doctor Who: 073. Thicker than Water

Doctor Who: 073. Thicker than Water

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6th Doctor (Colin Baker) Audio Adventures
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Three years after Világ was all but laid waste by the Killorans, the Doctor is back alongside a different companion. And a lot has changed.

Now elected Principle Triumvir, head of a tripartite government, Rossiter is working to secure a peaceful future for the planet by researching the technology the Killorans left behind. But he has to contend with opposition from his daughter, Sofia, who heads a public campaign demanding the destruction of all alien artefacts.

Politics has caused a rift between father and daughter, and as if that weren't enough, Sofia doesn't approve of her new step-mother either. Emotions soon boil over into violence, a violence that seems to have gripped the entire city.

Friendships bind people close, but they say that blood is...

This story takes place between "The Trial of a Time Lord" and "Time and the Rani".

Cast List

The Doctor: Colin Baker
Evelyn Smythe: Maggie Stables
Mel: Bonnie Langford
Principal Triumvir Rossiter: Gabriel Woolf
Dr Sofia Rossiter: Rachel Pickup
Dr Andrew Szabó: Patrick Romer
Dr Sebastian Lawrence: Simon Watts
Jenner: Matt Dineen
TV Interviewer: James Parsons

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