Doctor Who (13th Doctor, #1): A New Beginning (Softcover)
Doctor Who (13th Doctor, #1): A New Beginning (Softcover)

Doctor Who (13th Doctor, #1): A New Beginning (Softcover)

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Bestselling comics writer Jody Houser and fan-favorite artists Rachael Stott and Enrica Eren Angiolini team up to launch the Doctor and her friends into a whole new universe of unforgettable adventures!

This first collection of the Thirteenth Doctor’s comic book series sees the newest incarnation of the Doctor, along with her new companions — Graham, Yaz and Ryan — trail-blazing through time tackling vile villains, avoiding an intergalactic alien civil war, uncovering the truth behind a secret human time travel experiement, and doing battle with an alien hoarder obsessed with amassing the greatest treasure in the history of the universe!

With this new Doctor in charge, one thing’s for certain: there’s never a dull moment or a second to spare, even if you are a Time Lord!

"Perfect for both new fans and old readers alike. A radical romp through time and space!"

"Every panel is breathtaking!"

Collects Doctor Who: Thirteenth Doctor #1-4

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