Doctor Who: 250. The Monsters of Gokroth
Doctor Who: 250. The Monsters of Gokroth

Doctor Who: 250. The Monsters of Gokroth

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7th Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) Audio Adventure
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The people of Gokroth live in fear of the monsters in the forest. Creatures with scales and fur, teeth and claws. But worse than these, perhaps, is the strange doctor who does unspeakable, unholy work in the high castle on the mountain…
A doctor who is about to receive a visit from an off-worlder. Mags, formerly of the Psychic Circus. A native of the planet Vulpana… with a monstrous secret of her own.

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor)
Jessica Martin (Mags)
Andrew Fettes (Gor / Bear-Monster / Porrow)
Abi Harris (Trella / Lizard-Monster)
Jeremy Hitchen (Varron)
Dominic Vulliamy (Wilric)
Victoria Yeates (Dr Maleeva)

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