Doctor Who (8th Doctor Adventures): 2. Connections
Doctor Who (8th Doctor Adventures): 2. Connections

Doctor Who (8th Doctor Adventures): 2. Connections

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The Doctor, Liv and Helen are out in the universe, picking up missing pieces, and finding lost connections. After a package entangles them with shifty Time Lord Drax, the TARDIS crew are haunted by past loves on a space station, before Helen encounters somebody she believed long gone... Here Lies Drax by John Dorney (1 part) The Doctor, Liv and Helen are surprised to get a letter delivered to the TARDIS from the Doctor’s old school friend, Drax. They’re even more surprised when it’s followed by a parcel also sent by the intergalactic con-man, asking them to keep its contents safe. Contents that seem to be a lot of worthless junk. And their surprise gets even bigger when this parcel is itself followed by an invitation... to Drax’s funeral. And that’s just where the surprises start. The Love Vampires by James Kettle (1 part) Regret can follow people everywhere - even out into deep space, in the shadow of a dying star. When the Doctor, Liv and Helen meet the terrified crew of a space station, all are haunted by faces from the past. But these lost loves are more than mere memories - and they want to feed... Albie's Angels by Roy Gill (1 part) When the Doctor and friends hunt down time anomalies in 2020s Soho, Helen steps into the past and meets the brother she thought she’d lost forever. But there are Weeping Angels in London - and one of the stone assassins wants something from the Doctor and Liv...

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