Doctor Who (8th Doctor): Stranded 3
Doctor Who (8th Doctor): Stranded 3

Doctor Who (8th Doctor): Stranded 3

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After crashing in 2020 London, the TARDIS is healing. It can now take its passengers through time and space - but the future has changed around them...

A sinister force steers humanity’s destiny, and as the Doctor and friends investigate the mystery they’re trapped inside, they may make the outcome even worse...

3.1 Patience by Tim Foley
The Doctor decides to investigate the limits of the paradoxical timeline in which he and his friends are stranded.

But they find themselves hunted by a force of mercenary Judoon. It seems that Earth’s altered history has changed the whole universe…

3.2 Twisted Folklore by Lizzie Hopley
Tracking the course of the future, the Doctor and friends arrive on Rarkelia - where human forces rule. Earth - and Divine Intervention - are shaping the universe in their own image.

Helen, Liv and Tania embed themselves in society, while the Doctor starts a revolution.

3.3 Snow by James Kettle
Returning to London in the 2030s, the TARDIS travellers find a sinister elite taking hold.

Baker Street now has just one lonely resident - and what’s more, it is the last place on Earth where snow ever falls.

3.4 What Just Happened? by John Dorney
All actions have consequences. The path to victory or disaster is unclear unless seen from a different perspective…

With the lives of the entire human race at stake, the Doctor confronts a nemesis like no other. And not everyone will make it home.

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