Doctor Who (9th Doctor): 2.2 Into the Stars
Doctor Who (9th Doctor): 2.2 Into the Stars

Doctor Who (9th Doctor): 2.2 Into the Stars

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9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) Audio Adventures
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Distant worlds, alien cultures, vessels of exploration - the Doctor is never more at home than when he’s out among the stars.

But that’s where travellers face the greatest dangers, and where the Doctor’s help is needed most...

2.1 Salvation Nine by Timothy X Atack
The Doctor happens upon an unusual outpost - and discovers it is about to be annihilated.

To save Salvation Nine, he must rally a people for whom war is an alien concept and protect the future of the Sontaran race!

2.2 Last of the Zetacene by James Kettle
The rich and the criminal rub shoulders on Stage Three spaceport - and play high-stakes games for valuable prizes.

The Doctor is always interested in endangered species, and the Zetacene is more endangered than most…

2.3 Break the Ice by Tim Foley
On a chilly space station, the Doctor meets a group of scientists experimenting with cryogenics.

But when one subject returns from extreme sub-zero temperatures, he does not return alone. A creature awakens that can freeze the soul with icy fingers - Jack Frost

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