Doctor Who (9th Doctor): 3.2 Travel in Hope
Doctor Who (9th Doctor): 3.2 Travel in Hope

Doctor Who (9th Doctor): 3.2 Travel in Hope

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9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) Audio Adventures
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The Doctor crosses paths with many travellers - some at the start of their journey, some well on their way.

From the remote nodes of a transmat network, to solving crimes at a spaceship service station, or helping a friend climb the political ladder - sometimes the journey is more interesting, and more dangerous, than the destination...

2.1 Below There by Lauren Mooney and Stewart Pringle
Vyx works on a teleport relay station in the darkest depths of space - and she’s afraid. Strange voices crackle through comms channels, shapes gather outside the starless viewing ports, and visions of death and destruction plague her dreams.

Then she gets a call from the Doctor, who warns Vyx that her worst nightmares are about to become a reality.

2.2 The Butler Did It by James Moran
The Doctor lands at a spaceship repair port on a dusty planet to tune up the TARDIS engines. But someone has poisoned an old friend of his, and now everyone at the station is a suspect.

It's time to round up the clues, get out the magnifying glass - or sonic screwdriver - and check the butler's alibi...

2.3 Run by Robert Valentine
When heinous demagogue Bellatrix Vega threatens the stability of the Galactic Federation, the Doctor convinces newly elected representative Alpha Centauri to run against her for president.

As Vega’s team mount a campaign of dirty tricks, the Doctor and Alpha must thwart a murderous conspiracy or see the galaxy’s greatest democracy become a brutal dictatorship.

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