Doctor Who (9th Doctor): 3.3 Buried Threats
Doctor Who (9th Doctor): 3.3 Buried Threats

Doctor Who (9th Doctor): 3.3 Buried Threats

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9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) Audio Adventures
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Not all perils faced by the Doctor are as obvious as an alien invasion. Some threats have been buried for millennia, some for mere centuries, and some hide inside a troubled mind.

But whenever he finds injustice, danger, or just an irresistible mystery, the Doctor won’t stop digging until the truth is uncovered.

3.1 A Theatre of Cruelty by Lisa McMullin
Someone or something is manipulating the dreams of French playwright Antonin Artaud. As Artaud’s nightmares are made manifest, the Doctor is compelled to intervene. Otherwise, Artaud’s new idea for an immersive theatre could become a ticket to literally die for.

3.2 The Running Men by Mark Wright
The TARDIS brings the Doctor to 21st Century Halifax, alongside police Sergeant Ambika Desai, as they investigate a mysterious death.

The trail leads to the Hebble Piazza and an unscrupulous developer, as the Doctor uncovers the town’s distant past – and the infamous Halifax gibbet. The Running Men are rising from history!

3.3 Ancient History by Matt Fitton
Professor Bernice Summerfield is delving into the mystery of the Korravin, a mighty warrior horde, vanished overnight. But her expedition seems jinxed. And when a familiar blue box appears, Benny knows they’re in trouble.

As ancient history resurfaces, the Doctor wants to keep some things buried - but Benny’s an expert at digging up the past.

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