Doctor Who (9th Doctor): 4. Old Friends
Doctor Who (9th Doctor): 4. Old Friends

Doctor Who (9th Doctor): 4. Old Friends

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9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) Audio Adventures
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Travelling the universe alone, the Doctor can’t help running into people. Some are new acquaintances, and some have a much longer history, back through all of his lives.

4.1 Fond Farewell by David K Barnes
Fond Farewell is the intergalactic funeral parlour with a difference: the deceased attend their own wake! Invited by celebrated naturalist Flynn Beckett to his memorial, the Doctor finds he's not quite the man he was. But who would steal the memories of the dead?

4.2 Way of the Burryman by Roy Gill
Young Sam Bishop is at a crossroads with girlfriend Fiona: she’s staying in Scotland, he wants to travel the world. As the Burryman celebrations begin, ghosts haunt the Forth Bridge. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart arrives to investigate – and so does the Doctor…

4.3 The Forth Generation by Roy Gill
The Forth Generation have emerged. The Doctor, the Brigadier, Sam and Fiona are at their mercy. Is there a way to defeat them? Has UNIT learned from the past? And can the enemy’s nature be changed for the future?

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