Doctor Who FLUX 7 Badge Set
Doctor Who FLUX 7 Badge Set

Doctor Who FLUX 7 Badge Set

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Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor is joined by her companions Yaz and Dan, as well as canine soldier Karvanista, observation officer Vinder, and two insidious new villains – Azure and Swarm, the Ravagers.

The Doctor Who Chibi Pin Badges capture the most iconic characters from across the show’s history, in an adorable and instantly recognisable chibi-style. Made from high-quality metal, these badges make a cute-and-compact collectible complement to any Doctor Who fan's outfit – even better than a stick of decorative celery!

Each character’s likeness is captured as a high-quality metal pin badge in a fun chibi style. Presented in a decorated chibi-pattern box, this is the perfect gift for fans of Doctor Who – whether for accessorising an outfit or displaying at home.

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