Doctor Who: Lady Christina, Series 2
Doctor Who: Lady Christina, Series 2

Doctor Who: Lady Christina, Series 2

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Jetsetter, adventurer, and owner of a very unusual London bus, Lady Christina de Souza is travelling the globe and catching up with the rellies.

First, a treasure hunt with her reprobate father in the Indian Ocean. Then, a flying visit to the Australian outback in search of a lost Great Aunt...

But Sam Bishop and Jacqui McGee of UNIT are on her trail. As one reunion takes a dangerous turn, Christina has a hard decision to make – for the good of the family!

2.1 The Wreck by James Goss

When Christina joins her father on a cruise off the coast of Zanzibar, she is surprised to meet his new fiancée Bunny. But Lord Alfred has his eyes on another trophy altogether. An underwater shipwreck, containing treasures as deadly as they are beautiful… Are the de Souzas ready to pay the price to bring them to the surface?

2.2 Outback by Sarah Grochala

In need of respite, Christina seeks out her Great Aunt Eugenia, and finds herself looking for answers in the Australian outback. Has her aunt really been abducted by aliens? What secrets lie within the Jajutuma crater? And why are Sam Bishop and Jacqui McGee of UNIT on Christina’s trail?

2.3 Long Shot by John Dorney

Royal Northcote: highlight of the racing calendar. Lady Christina hopes for a win, as do Sam Bishop and Jacqui McGee, looking into some mysterious deaths. With secret agents and rogue family members on the scene, an assassin closes in on their target. But Lady Christina is at her best when the odds are stacked against her.

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