Doctor Who Magazine, Issue 566
Doctor Who Magazine, Issue 566

Doctor Who Magazine, Issue 566

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The Doctor is in! And she’s brought Yaz with her as actors Jodie Whittaker and Mandip Gill dive into the Doctor Who Magazine post bag for a special interview.

Also in this issue:

  • Roy Scammell – a tribute to the late stuntman, who performed some of Doctor Who’s most spectacular stunts, as well as appearing in films such as Alien and From Russia with Love
  • Donald Wilson – In 1963, many hands helped shape the concept that would become Doctor Who. As Head of Serials at the BBC, Donald Wilson played a key role in the show’s genesis.
  • Kill the Moon – The Fact of Fiction examines the 2014 serial in which the Doctor and Clara uncovers the highly surprising secret at the heart of the Moon
  • New Life for Old Monsters – Doctor Who Magazine talks to a museum owner dedicated to preserving and restoring Doctor Who’s costuming legacy
  • The Tenth Planet – a virtual set reconstruction of the studio floor for Episode 4 of the landmark 1996 story which introduced the Cybermen and William Hartnell’s departure
  • Collectivity – exploring the old school appeal of Doctor Who on cassette tape
  • Time Fracture – a preview of the immersive experience currently open in London
  • Delia Derbyshire – the woman who crafted the theme’s unique sound
  • The Aztecs – the performance that recreated sections of Richard Rodney Bennett’s score for 1964 story
  • Apocrypha – the 1978 fact filled book Doctor Who Discovers Strange and Mysterious Creatures
  • Sufficient Data – more tenuous and humourous numerical links
  • Plus – Gallifrey Guardian, The DWM Review, Time Space Visualiser, Previews, Competitions and more

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