Doctor Who Magazine, Issue 479
Doctor Who Magazine, Issue 479

Doctor Who Magazine, Issue 479

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Head writer Steven Moffat talks about the return of the Cybermen in this year's final adventure.

"I really wanted to do a Cyberman story," says Steven, "because they were always my favourites when I was a kid, and I was quite surprised that one way or another I'd never used them in any of my own scripts, except as supporting characters. So I wanted to do a proper scary one…"

Extensive previews of Episodes 9 to 12 of the new series - Flatline, In the Forest of the Night, Dark Water and Death in Heaven.
DWM talks exclusively to writers Jamie Mathieson, Frank Cottrell Boyce and Steven Moffat.
DWM interviews Samuel Anderson, aka Danny Pink .
Steven Moffat answers readers' questions in his exclusive column.
DWM talks to Derrick Sherwin, Doctor Who‘s producer in the late 1960s.
Kill the Moon writer Peter Harness talks in depth about the script for his episode.
Reviews of the latest TV adventures: Time Heist, The Caretaker, Kill the Moon and Mummy on the Orient Express.
DWM talks to the stars of the Eighth Doctor's latest audio series, Dark Eyes 3, including Paul McGann, Alex Macqueen & Georgia Moffett.
The Doctor and Clara's comic strip adventures continue in The Eye of Torment written by Scott Gray, illustrated by Martin Geraghty.
The Time Team comment on the 2008 Tenth Doctor episode The Stolen Earth.
Jacqueline Rayner writes about the different ways of watching new episodes in Relative Dimensions.
The results of the DWM 2013 Merchandise Poll are revealed.
The Watcher tackles the controversial subject of last-minute edits in Wotcha!
The DWM crossword, prize-winning competitions and much more!

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