Doctor Who: Master! 2. Nemesis Express
Doctor Who: Master! 2. Nemesis Express

Doctor Who: Master! 2. Nemesis Express

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Doctor Who Companions Audio Adventure
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Step aboard the Kairos, a recreational cruiser which traverses the Time Vortex itself.

Vienna Salvatori is on a mission, and must make her way up the serpentine vehicle, from the crime-ridden rear segments, through the enclosed compartments of the mega-rich, all the way to front of the ship to face the man who controls it all... the Master!!

2.1 Nemesis Express by Robert Whitelock
Vienna Salvatori boards the Kairos in search of a stolen gem, and young thief Passion is hiding out and feels like the ship itself is watching her.

Both women are about to be thrown together - and it's no accident. For the ship's Vortex drive has brought the Master back from oblivion, and he has plans for them both.

2.2 Capture the Chronovore! by Lizbeth Myles
Vienna and Passion pursue the Master, but to find out what he’s up to they must find a way through the ship's classier compartments.

With their weapons confiscated and champagne on ice, they’re invited to join an exclusive shooting party, hunting the Vortex's great game - Chronovores! - and the Master is most definitely dressed for the occasion.

2.3 Passion by Robert Valentine
Finally reaching the head of the ship, Vienna and Passion find themselves exactly where the Master wants them. The Time Lord has more than revenge on his mind, however, and if they can't stop him, nothing in the universe will.

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