Doctor Who: Original Television Soundtrack Series 13
Doctor Who: Original Television Soundtrack Series 13 'The Specials'

Doctor Who: Original Television Soundtrack Series 13 "The Specials"

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Series 13 The Specials – Triple CD Set Disc One EVE OF THE DALEKS 01. Here We Are Again 02. Out Of Service 03. I Am Not Nick 04. Deja Vu 05. The Correction 06. Sorry Sorry Sorry 07. Not A Great Plan 08. Took You Long Enough 09. We Will Not Stop 10. We Go Again and We Win 11. The Doctor Cannot Save You 12. A Brilliant Plan 13. Important Stuff to Do 14. Fireworks Disc Two LEGEND OF THE SEA DEVILS 01. You Have No Idea What You’re Doing 02. Catching a Whopper 03. Pirate Queen 04. Who Wants to Be Next? 05. Celestial Navigation 06. Going Up 07. Say Hello to My Crew 08. This Is Gonna Be Tricky 09. A Good Legend Disc Three THE POWER OF THE DOCTOR 01. You Shall Not Disrupt Our Mission 02. We Should Go In 03. Why Would I Ever Trust You? 04. Dealing with Multiple Somethings 05. Magnificent Attention to Detail 06. A Calculated Risk 07. Say Hello to My Friends 08. I Am The Doctor 09. We Are Not Finished 10. What’s The Plan? 11. Reunite 12. All Hands On Deck 13. Activate Everything 14. She’s The Doctor

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