Doctor Who: Peacemaker (Paperback)
Doctor Who: Peacemaker (Paperback)

Doctor Who: Peacemaker (Paperback)

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The Doctor and Martha are about to find out if a sonic screwdriver is more powerful than a six-shooter in the latest in the bestselling series of ??AADoctor Who??AA novels. The peace and quiet of a remote homestead in the 1880s American West is shattered by the arrival of two shadowy outriders searching for 'the healer'. When the farmer refuses to help them, they raze the house to the ground using guns that shoot bolts of energy instead of bullets. Meanwhile, in the town of Redwater, the Doctor and Martha learn of a snake-oil salesman who's patent medicines actually cure his patient. But when the Doctor and Martha investigate they discover the truth is stranger, and far more dangerous. Caught between the law of the gun and the deadly plans of intergalactic mercenaries, the Doctor and Martha are about to discover just how wild the West can become...

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