Doctor Who: Short Trips CD Volume 2
Doctor Who: Short Trips CD Volume 2

Doctor Who: Short Trips CD Volume 2

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William Russell, David Troughton, Katy Manning, Louise Jameson, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sophie Aldred, India Fisher

Get ready for eight fantastic new adventures in space and time with the Doctor and his companions, featuring stories from many of Doctor Who's most popular authors from the worlds of television, print, comics and audio, as well as new talent and fresh voices... and read by your favourite Big Finish actors!

1963 by Niall Boyce
The Doctor takes Ian and Barbara back to Earth but the clocks have stopped and the city is silent.

The Way Forwards by Steve Case
Chaos ensues when a young boy discovers time travel for a science project.

Walls of Confinement by Lawrence Conquest
A young boy's life is in danger as the Doctor comes face to face with a deadly predator.

Chain Reaction by Darren Goldsmith
One single coin can set off a fascinating sequence of events... if you're a Time Lord.

Sock Pig by Sharon Cobb and Iain Keiller
The Doctor investigates why toy animals are mysteriously coming to life in a young woman's house.

The Doctor's Coat by John Bromley
One of the Doctor's prized possessions goes missing on an alien planet.

Critical Mass by James Moran
Ghosts are appearing in the halls as a war machine is primed for devastation.

Letting Go by Simon Guerrier
Charley learns a lot about the Doctor when she visits the family of a dead hero.

(Duration: 120' approx)

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