Doctor Who: Survival Soundtrack
Doctor Who: Survival Soundtrack

Doctor Who: Survival Soundtrack

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Compiled, mastered and produced by Mark Ayres. The cover is newly commissioned from Clay Hickman.

Prolific composer Dominic Glynn is closely associated with the 1980s era of Doctor Who. A major creator of production music his work can also be heard in hundreds of film and TV productions worldwide as diverse as The Simpsons, Red Dwarf and Dead Like Me.

Transmitted in late 1989, Survival marked the end of an era for Doctor Who, the final series from a continuous 26 year run. A few tracks from the series appeared on the Doctor Who 50 compilation but the rest are all previously unreleased.

Dominic is also a producer and DJ in the field of electronica. He has recorded under the name of Fluid and Cybajaz, and has contributed music to Re-Volt.

Track Listings

    • 1. Doctor Who (Opening Theme) – Keff McCulloch
    • 2. Car Wash, With Kitling
    • 3. Tin Cans, Stray Cats And Horses
    • 4. Cat Food
    • 5. Where Is Everyone?
    • 6. Tin Opener
    • 7. Park Chase, And The Alien Planet
    • 8. An Unexpected Pleasure
    • 9. Planet Of The Cheetah People
    • 10. Two Pints
    • 11. Playing With Fire
    • 12. Valley Of Cats
    • 13. The Living Planet
    • 14. We Shall Become Animals
    • 15. Ace And Karra
    • 16. Go Home
    • 17. I Will Be Free Of It
    • 18. Come Hunting, Sister
    • 19. Midge And The Bad Cat Man
    • 20. On Horsenden Hill
    • 21. Tooth And Claw
    • 22. Run For Ever
    • 23. “…And Somewhere Else The Tea’s Getting Cold”
    • 24. Doctor Who (Closing Theme) – Keff McCulloch

    Also, Dominic has collaborated with Michael Faulkner’s D-Fuse AV on both live performance and music videos and through this collaboration has regularly performed as a DJ and artist at The Big Chill music festival.

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