Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles .01: The First Doctor
Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles .01: The First Doctor

Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles .01: The First Doctor

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A new four-disc release featuring four tales from readers associated with the First Doctor era, and a second actor.

The Sleeping Blood by Martin Day
When the Doctor falls ill, Susan is forced to leave the safety of the TARDIS behind. Exploring a disused research centre in search of medical supplies, she becomes embroiled in the deadly plans of a terrorist holding an entire world to ransom - and the soldier sent to stop him.

The Unwinding World by Ian Potter
Office life is tough, the commute is a grind, nothing works quite as well as you'd like. Vicki seems to remember things being better once, before the little flat. It's time she put some excitement back in her life. It's just a shame the Doctor can't help.

The Founding Fathers by Simon Guerrier
The TARDIS lands in Leicester Square in the summer of 1762. When the Doctor, Steven and Vicki find themselves locked out of the TARDIS, only one man can possibly help them. But the American, Benjamin Franklin, has problems of his own...

The Locked Room by Simon Guerrier
Steven Taylor left the Doctor and the TARDIS to become king of an alien world. But it's now many years since he gave up the throne and went to live in a cell in the mountains, out of sight of his people. He's not escaping his past - quite the opposite, in fact. As his granddaughter, Sida, is about to discover...

Written By: Martin Day, Simon Guerrier, Ian Potter
Directed By: Lisa Bowerman

Carole Ann Ford, Maureen O'Brien, Peter Purves, Alix Dunmore, Alice Haig, Darren Strange

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