Doctor Who: The Dalek Conquests
Doctor Who: The Dalek Conquests

Doctor Who: The Dalek Conquests

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Exterminate!!! This word has become legendary in the annals of TV terror, ever since the Daleks first appeared on screen in "Doctor Who". From 1963 to the present day, the Daleks have been amongst the most loved (and feared!) science fiction baddies.

Now, in an exclusive BBC Audiobooks presentation, Nick Briggs — who is the voice of the Daleks in the brand new BBC One TV series — presents everything you wanted to know about the meanies, but were too afraid to ask. Packed with extracts from their many TV appearances in "Doctor Who", "The Dalek Conquests" finds out where the Daleks come from, why they are bent on universal domination, and who was behind their original creation. For Dalek fans new and old, this is essential listening.

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