Doctor Who: The Diary of River Song, Series 12
Doctor Who: The Diary of River Song, Series 12 'The Orphan Quartet'

Doctor Who: The Diary of River Song, Series 12 "The Orphan Quartet"

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An old enemy hides beyond the universe, a desolate Cornish inn confronts the truth, a grieving mother holds onto a deadly memento of war, and has the Earth failed to notice it’s been invaded? Professor River Song must solve all this while dealing with a loss of her own.

12.1 The Excise Men by Lou Morgan
A smugglers' inn on the Cornish coast in the 18th Century is under attack. Never do a deal with the Excise Men.

12.2 Harvest of the Krotons by James Goss
What are the Krotons? Why are they running a health spa? Jackie Tyler and River Song investigate, because everyone needs a direction point.

12.3 Dead Man Talking by Tim Foley
Among the wreckage of the planet Earth, an old lady treasures a terrible relic that reminds her of her son. River Song has come to take it away.

12.4 The Wife of River Song by Lizzie Hopley
River Song is on an expedition seeking the Hive. Her sister is trapped in the ruins of the Hive. River Song is on honeymoon. Three realities meet.

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