Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor, Geronimo!
Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor, Geronimo!

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor, Geronimo!

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Out of retirement, and back traversing time and space, the Doctor has a new goal. Find the woman twice dead and save her from dying again. It’s a monumental task, with all of history to search. He's going to need some help... 3.1 The Inheritance by Alfie Shaw For Patricia and Valarie Lockwood, it was to be an evening like any other. Dinner with a few friends, a chance to unwind and forget the horrors of the world. However, their plans are disrupted by the arrival of a mysterious stranger. A man who brings tragedy in his wake. 3.2 The House of Masks by Georgia Cook For Valarie's first trip through time and space, the TARDIS takes them to one of the Doctor's favourite places: Venice, during Carnivale. Unfortunately, not everyone is there to enjoy the party. Captain Tomasi has a murder to commit, and he needs Valarie’s help to do it... 3.3 The End by Rochana Patel Valarie/The Doctor is dying. Only the Doctor/Valarie can save Valarie/the Doctor, but for her/him to survive, the Doctor/Valarie will have to die in her/his place. For the Doctor/Valarie, this is journey's end.

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