Doctor Who: The First Doctor Adventures, 01: The Outlaws
Doctor Who: The First Doctor Adventures, 01: The Outlaws

Doctor Who: The First Doctor Adventures, 01: The Outlaws

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Brand new adventures for the Doctor and Dodo.

1.1 The Outlaws by Lizbeth Myles (4 parts)
Landing in 13th-century Lincoln, the Doctor and Dodo are soon caught up in the battle between Sheriff Nicholaa de la Haye and outlaw gangs in the nearby forest. King John requires funds for his conflict with France, and Nicholaa is determined to provide them, whatever the efforts of William of Berkshire and his gang of wolves’ heads…

After taking refuge in Lincoln Castle, the Doctor and Dodo are separated. The Doctor is detained at the pleasure of the Sheriff, while Dodo indulges her adventurous spirit and plays forest outlaw with William’s gang.

But William is not acting alone. The outlaws’ true leader knows the Doctor and has a plan for revenge. A man with a passion for meddling. A man who wears a monk’s habit…

1.2 The Miniaturist by Lizzie Hopley (2 parts)
Coulton Salt Mine: a rare environment for geological exploration on the North Yorkshire coast. The Doctor is fascinated by the experiments of Professor Medra on the Zechstein seabed, but Dodo is distracted. Didn’t her family settle in this part of Yorkshire?

As the Doctor delves deeper into the work of Professor Medra, Dodo is helped by security guard Mick Huff, who is concerned about the strange happenings in recent weeks. Who are the children that keep appearing around the mine workings? Why are local landmarks vanishing? And how can the bedrock of a geological ‘quiet place’ be screaming?

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